Dolphin Therapy

Dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) helps children with special needs learn as a result of a simple principle, participants interact with the dolphins as a reward only after they have correctly completed their work. 


Sea STAR's Dolphin Therapy program serves children with various disabilities, including down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, traumatic brain injury, as well as a wide array of chromosomal abnormalities.



In addition to our specialists and dolphin trainers, we encourage families, parents and siblings, to participate alongside one another. Ongoing and interactive family participation is critical for the future learning and success of any child with special needs. 

Learning is FUN!

Sea STAR's Dolphin Assisted Therapy is fun for the whole family and offers parents an interactive and recreational opportunity to invest in their child's developmental maturity. 



Research shows that attention increases in the presence 
of a meaningful reward, i.e. Dolphins!


Increasing attention is critical for improvement in all areas. As a behavior modification procedure, our interaction with dolphins is used to reward children for correct cognitive or physical responses. 


The general purpose of Dolphin Therapy is motivational, although specific objectives for each person may include behaviors related to speech, language, gross/fine motor and cognitive development, as well as social and functional life skills.


The gentle, patient, and unconditional love freely given by dolphins provides both children and families with the confidence to realize their full potential, take pride in their accomplishments, and renew their collective hope for a bright future.



Dolphin assisted therapy has been practiced for more than 35 years around the world. 


Learning and development increases with sensory attention - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.


Most children with special needs have difficulty paying attention to a stimulus, and as a result, learning is impaired.


Over the years, dolphin therapy has been shown to help children learn four times faster, with greater retention, while in the water with dolphins.



"Attention increases in the presence of a meaningful rewards - dolphins!"

Dolphin therapy helps children, with a trained professional, more quickly progress toward their individualized goals by pairing daily learning objectives with increased attention, confidence, and the experience of a lifetime. DAT does not cure or prevent injury, illness, or disability. 

Special Therapy Experience Features

  • Parent orientation

  • Select a specialist (Special education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology)

  • review of prior therapies, medical records, and reports

  • Individualized parent consultation with the therapy team, including setting goals and objectives

  • Daily individualized therapy sessions including land and water work with therapist and dolphins

  • Informal daily meetings with therapist and parents directly before and after every session

  • Documented daily session summaries

  • Final written report mailed to your home

  • 2 weeks or more is recommended with a 5-day minimum therapy program, Monday through Friday.

What to Expect

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